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• Earn a Sponsored Athlete Position
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This is your opportunity to earn extra cash and free supplements by promoting health and wellness to others.

What is the Inno Supps Ambassador Program?

Inno Supps Ambassadors have a passion for promoting health, wellness, and proper supplementation. We are hands on with our Ambassadors to make sure they succeed in not only promoting Inno Supps but also growing their personal brand while making consistent income. We are proud to be on the forefront of selling the best flavored natural flavored supplements in the industry and hope you join our mission!

The Inno Supps Ambassador Program is designed to help our Ambassadors succeed in every way possible. We provide a safe environment where anyone can strive for success and prove themselves and we love sharing our knowledge of health and fitness with others (as well as learning from all of you) and are excited that you are taking the opportunity to potentially join our team. We consider of each and every one of you as part of the Inno Supps family and looking forward to working with you and spreading the Inno Supps Mission worldwide!

Interaction With Our Top Athletes

Join special email lists and Facebook groups where you can frequently interact directly with our top athletes . Work your way up to being a sponsored athlete on the team for the opportunity to join us on Inno Supps trips and expos.  

Extra Income

Excel with us and stop limiting your income potential within the fitness industry. Earn additional income just from doing what you already do... help other people get results!

Sponsored Athlete

Everyone has the opportunity to strive for a Sponsored Athlete position with Inno Supps. We are constantly monitoring our ambassadors' activities so we know who to reward when the time comes. Show us what you've got!

Customer Loyalty

Represent Inno Supps with confidence, knowing that every customer of yours is getting the absolute highest quality and natural products and is being handled by our dynamite customer service team! It is our goal to get your customers the best results possible!

Here's What Our Ambassadors Have to Say

Simeon Panda

"I didn't rep a supplement company for several years since I couldn't find one that had high quality, delicious flavored products, that didn't use artificial sweeteners. After trying Inno Supps products for the first time, I was hooked! I believe that these are the highest quality products on the market and will produce the maximal results for my followers in the shortest period of time. I'm beyond proud to be part of the Inno Supps movement and am excited to share and promote these products with the rest of the world!"


"I've always known I had it in me to launch my fitness career. I absolutely love helping people achieve their goals but I was stuck on achieving my own. You know what they say, you can't fill someone else's cup when your cup is empty. With Inno Supps' Ambassador Program, I've learned so much! I've grown my social media following 5X and I'm completely booked for the next 3 months for my personal training business. Thank you Inno Supps!"

Ready to Join Us?

Become an Inno Supps Ambassador and start recommending the highest quality all-natural sports supplements for your clients so they can get the best results possible!  

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