workout wednesday:
5-Minute abs and core with
Chanel Brown

Our Inno Supps athlete, Chanel Brown, takes us through a five-minute ab and core workout. This is a great way to kick-start your metabolism even more after taking your Inno Supps Inno Shred. 🔥⁠

You’ll need a mini-band if you want to intensify the workout, but it can be performed without one. Get ready for an incredible five-minute ab workout. ⁠

It’s almost summer! Try pairing this with your weight, cardio, yoga, or pilates workout.


1. Banded dead bug | 40 seconds⁠
2. Banded flutter kicks | 40 seconds⁠
3. Banded oblique leg lift | 30 seconds each side⁠
4. Banded scissor kicks | 40 seconds⁠
5.Banded side oblique crunch | 30 seconds each side⁠

Repeat up to three times, depending on how much time you have! Finish off with a serving of Natural BCAA in order to promote lean muscle recovery!

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