Protein Waffles

Protein Charged Waffles

Breakfast doesn't have to be boring, and we are going to show you how. This is one of our office's favorite go-to morning recipes. It is versatile and can be eaten plain, with some of our suggestions or adding a savory component with avocado and eggs.

2 Eggs
3 Scoops of Buttery Pancakes Advanced ISO Protein
1/4 Tsp of Baking Powder
Pinch of Salt
1/4 Cup of Applesauce
Almond Milk (for thinning batter, amount TBD)

In a mixing bowl put all dry ingredients in first and mix together.
Using close to room temperature eggs and applesauce, whisk together in a bowl.
Add the two mixtures together and mix.
Using your almond milk, pour in small amounts until the consistency of the batter is how you would like it.
Heat your waffle maker and spray with a non-stick coconut oil spray.
Pour batter in without over filling and cook until crispy.
Serve immediately!

Our favorite topping combos:
Sliced bananas, yogurt chips and vanilla greek yogurt
Sliced strawberries, vanilla greek yogurt and cacao nibs
Blueberries with vanilla greek yogurt and honey drizzle
Sliced peaches, mint and yogurt chips
Cherries, with chia seeds and vanilla yogurt